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“Women”-The Nature

“Women”-The Nature

A voice echoing is filling my ears, “I am nature, nature is me. We go hand in hand. I give birth to the mankind and the nature nurtures, protects and hold them for generations”.

Yes, women and nature are very similar. Both carry on the life on earth. Women are compared to the nature in many ways. Their beauty, patience, and their life, wholly compared to nature. It is the duty of men to safeguard both of them.

A women’s life is that of a tree that nurtures, grows bigger to provide shelter, wither away yet becomes useful in different ways. Women and nature both are being endangered by men and if they don’t realize and act upon their mistakes and wrong doings then these two precious will become extinct and nothing will remain for him.

So, it is wise of him to take care of them and protect them as they are part of him and his life.

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