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The Complete Reference

The Complete Reference

Do you love coding? Do you like to code in PHP? Are you looking for a book to learn PHP?

Well then friends here is a complete reference to php written by Steven Holzner. Simplified to understand by everyone whether you are a technical or non-technical person.

This book provides key information on building end-to-end dynamic websites using PHP. PHP is classified as a programming language for web development, which can also be used as a general programming language. PHP has been installed on more than 244 million sites and around 2.1 million servers. PHP: Full report is a guide that provides readers with basic information about developing dynamic web applications with PHP that has invaded the Internet world. This release contains detailed descriptions and downloadable example code for PHP version 5.2. In this book, readers are guided step by step in PHP configuration, web development for using PHP and using advanced tools.

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