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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Papers as they say are valuable in any form. They can be recycled seven times. So instead of throwing it away or burning, we can recycle and reuse the paper. This helps us in saving trees which is used to manufacture paper and also save water.
As we all know environmental pollution is eating up man’s health. One of the reasons behind this is paper waste, that includes magazines, printed papers etc.. After reading magazines instead of throwing it way we should store it effeciently so it can be made use of later.Paper jewelery, paper art and craft are in trend recently. The waste paper from magazines can be used to create beautiful art pieces. People are also spending money on such jewelrys and craft works to save environment.
By reusing and recycling not just paper but other renewable sources on earth we can reduce the pollution and global warming that has pose a serious threat to human kind. From E-waste to bio waste we all should try to reduce the waste content and try to recycle or reuse and help in waste management.

1.Use recycled paper to print your documents and set up your printer to print on both sides of the page.

2.Use the unprinted back of a sheet to take notes and Reuse cardboard boxes.

3.Use your Smartphone for your notes – The smartphone can become a real ally to reduce paper waste. Using post-its, notepads and other pieces of paper that will eventually not available to see, don’t hesitate to take notes directly on your phone.

4.Give your books away – Books are made to be read, not to be thrown away! Just like toys, they can be given to associations that will redistribute them to people who need them. Yard sales are also a way of giving others the opportunity to read a good book instead of throwing it away

5.In the office and at home, only print documents that are essential. The first question to ask is: “to print or not to print? Can I just read it again on the screen?” If you have trouble with reading on the screen, check your brightness settings to make it easier on your eyes.

6.Use both sides of the paper.One of the easiest way to reuse paper is to use the backside of a used piece of paper for a new document or picture. Encourage people in your household or workplace to put used paper in a bin for reuse.

7.Use it as packing material. Wrap breakable items you are packing away with used paper.

8.Used paper can become a fun paper wallet to hold your things. To make a paper wallet, you need paper, scissors, and clear packing tape. Magazine paper and used calendar pictures work great for making a paper wallet.

9.Use old newspaper to wrap gifts. The Sunday comics are especially effective due to the many colors.


  • Make a bin in your house or office to collect used paper for reuse.
  • Keep a paper shredder near to be able to shred used paper for reuse.
  • Many different kinds of paper can be reused, so put them all in a bin for reuse. Magazines, newspaper, junk mail, calendar pictures, postcards, greeting cards, documents, and notebook papers can be reused.

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