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Recycle, the gift!

Recycle, the gift!

We always say recycle things, but do you know why it is important? Recycling, is truly a gift. It helps us to reduce the dangerous hazards that could be caused by the waste produced by human activities.

We use different types of materials and resources in our everyday life. Paper, plastic, wood, glass etc.,. The waste we produce increases on a large scale due to our fast life, the wealth we occur which tends us to buy more and more. All these factors leads to a large accumulation of different types of waste.

These wastes have an enormous amount of bad effects on the environment, and also on human health. It becomes necessary to get rid of these waste in other words, to recycle them since some wastes are impossible to remove completely.

The wastes that are collected everyday from the households, industries and other places are all dumped at one place. Then they start segregating the wastes into recyclable and non-recyclable. The Recycling helps to clear the landfills to dump the non recyclable wastes and also reduces the harmful effects of those recyclable wastes on environment.

So, recycle is a gift that is like a protective shield for us. Therefore say yes to recycled products and join hands to create a better healthy environment for the coming generation.

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